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A panel discussion and its audience during the Digital Future Conference.

AI and ChatGPT in focus during tech conference

Source: Borneo Bulletin

The threat and potential of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) were discussed yesterday at one of the panels at the Digital Future Conference currently taking place at The Empire Brunei.

Senior ITS Manager and Head of Group Information System and Risk Management of Darussalam Assets Apurv Sharma shared that ChatGPT and AI are here and cannot be avoided.

”We can’t control it. The best that we do is give the access to anyone who needs it and build on regulatory and ethical compliance around it.

“This is where the country, government and regulatory body need to play an important role,” he said.

“We must adapt for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is here now by improving skills and develop new skills.

“If we cannot adapt, we will be left behind. Some jobs that were in the 1940s do not exist anymore.“

Meanwhile, Chief Security Officer (ASEAN) of DXC Technology David Allot said there is a need to create a sense of responsibility or awareness of responsible use of ChatGPT-like or AI technologies.

Deputy Chief Information Officer of Cyber Security Brunei Mohamad Azad Zaki bin Haji Mohd Tahir raised concerns of intellectual property protection. “When it comes to ChatGPT in the country, there is no set of policies in the government or for the private sector that say you cannot use ChatGPT,” he said, adding that “if you deal with a lot of intellectual properties, we suggest putting in some rules.”

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