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The human factor is the biggest threat to information systems and assets. Security professionals generally identify the importance of security awareness training as part of an overall information security plan where the users need to know they have a role in securing the organization's data. The main objective of security awareness training is to educate employees on how to be more secure and be less likely to fall prey to various forms of cyber-attacks.

E-learning for Information Security Environment (ELISE) is an online course which covers various methods of cyber-attacks, countermeasures and best practices on how to protect information and assets which include standard security policy, data classification and handling, workspace and desktop security, wireless networks, password security, phishing, malware, file sharing and many more.

Training Methodology

  • Audio narration
  • Interactive animation
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Downloadable notes


ELISE Fundamentals for Information Security Officers (ISOs)

ELISE Fundamentals is the core component of ELISE, and should be completed by all levels in an organization. This course offers an introduction to cyber security awareness, ensuring all participants will have the basic knowledge and understanding to protect valuable information assets through proactive, security-conscious behavior. It is critical for any supporting staff to be aware and literate in this component, to enable the organization to improve their security posture as a whole.

ELISE Fundamentals was released in April 2020 and introduced to all Information Security Officers (ISOs) across the Brunei Government's Ministries and Departments as part of BruCERT's effort.

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